Cloud Native Platforms for Fintech, Enterprise & Government

Our focus

Cloud Asset is creating Cloud Adoption Maps™ that provide ready templates for the adoption of cloud technologies to address complex business use cases
National Resources Management

Increases in population and climatological change are creating unprecented challenges for nations. We help create mega scale solutions to address these challenges

Communications & Media

The way people engage, communicate, express, share and interact with each other has changed. We help Telco’s & CSP’s adopt innovations to create and maintain deeper relationships with their customers

Civic and Smart Nation

Cloud computing marks the greatest shift in the way modern civilisations go about their daily lives. We work with governments and local authorities to provide a ubiquitous and responsive life experience to their citizens and residents alike

We are a startup based in Helsinki

Cloud Adoption Maps™ are our unique vertically integrated templates that combine cloud compute, big data and information management into unified replicable solutions
solutions that are created natively in the cloud

Cloud Asset creates value for customers by leveraging consumption and utility based computing to deliver solutions that created natively in the cloud. To our customers we offer a low risk migration from in-house legacy systems to standardised OPEX based cloud services customised to meet their specific requirements

  • Water

    National Resource Management

  • Telco

    OTT & Next Gen Media

  • Health

    Nursing & Well Being

  • Smart Nation

    Civic & Electromobility

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